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Department for music production and sound design offers education for educational profile of sound designer. Sound and music technology processes and technologies of composing and creating music drastically changed in last few decades. Contemporary composers of all genres of music today use computers and synthesizers as tools and sound sources in the creative process.

During the four-year education student acquires knowledge in the subjects related to the process of digital composition (MIDI) with the help of computers, and subjects related with various techniques of recording sound and music, the process of mixing and mastering (AUDIO). With audio techniques students will be familiarized with radio, television and film. Subject Contemporary Harmony with improvisation and orchestration as well as Contemporary MIDI Composition and Production, will provide adequate knowledge to students, so they would develop their creative skills in writing applied music for jingles, commercials, theater and film.

This education profile creates a better and more comprehensive perspective for dealing with music and sound. It allows entry into fields of multimedia, such as: film, TV, theater, computers, internet...

In each of these areas sound designer can independently and aesthetically shape, produce, record, edit, mix and arrange a variety of sound-music projects. Sound designer can be music collaborator, audio recorder, composer of music forms for radio, television and other media.